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$30 billion in damages each year are caused by termite-related problems! To stop this problem before your termite damage gets worse, call Best Home & Property Services today.

Termite infestation problems were much easier to deal with in the past than they are today.

In recent decades, termites colonies have been able to "migrate" to new areas by hitchhiking on wood and materials brought through interstate and international commerce, on trucks and through shipping.

This means that the problem is only getting worse.

We offer free estimates for termite control and extermination in North Carolina and South Carolina, including Myrtle Beach, Conway, Murrells Inlet.

Termite infestation issues

Termites are nasty, sneaky little creatures. They are experts at finding ways to the wood in your home, and they never sleep. A termite can work its way through nearly any form of construction, including concrete slabs. They're able and willing to feed on a variety of materials in the home, including wood, paper, books, drywall, leather, cellulose insulation, cardboard and even animal fur.

The main entryways for termites, according to Professional Builder Magazine, are construction joints, pipe penetrations and bath traps, but they've also been known to enter the home by crawling up the siding from outside the home. Because of this, it's important to always keep the slab viewable from the outside by leaving 6-8 inches exposed at the bottom for inspections and to help discourage infestation.

Inspecting for termites

Termite control for Myrtle Beach residents and nearby North Carolina and South Carolina

Don't wait to inspect. Termites can cause severe damage long before the problem is obvious.

At one time, the most common way to detect termites within a home was to look for the swarming of winged termites in a NC & SC home. However, with a shifting, changing global climate, termites now commonly reproduce by budding instead of swarming, with new colonies being formed by breaking away a number of termites from the original colony to start their own.

Termites are a more serious threat to a home than ever, now that they've begun to enter without swarming. However, a professional still has several telltale signs that will help indicate a termite infestation, such as areas of wood that have been hollowed out, or mud tubes extending across foundation walls, support piers, floor joists and sill plates.

If you find swarming termites in your home, be sure to save a few to show to the pest inspector, then vacuum the rest. Swarming termites cannot damage or eat wood, but they can start new colonies.

Our termite control treatments

We offer two treatments as part of one plan: Advance Termite Baiting System and liquid Termidor H.P.

We are the only company on the Grand Strand that has the Termidor HP injection system which is provided to us by BASF! Termidor HP is the latest liquid termiticide innovation from BASF that substantially reduces the need to dig trenches, removes human error, drill or rod while performing the termite treatment. This innovation provides the fastest and most accurate method for completing a liquid termite treatment. Here at Best Home & Property Services, we don't have you pick whether you want the baiting system or liquid, we give you both for one low price.

You can always count on us to have the latest technology and the strongest warranties!

Local termite inspectors and exterminators in North Carolina and South Carolina

Best Home & Property Services is your local pest control expert in North Carolina and South Carolina. We are fully certified and trained to take care of a variety of pest control issues, including termites and many other types of infestations that are common to the state. We offer free, no-obligation pest control estimates to homeowners.

We're here and ready when you need us — don't wait to rid your home of pests! Call or e-mail Best Home & Property Services today!

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